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    Hi everybody !

    I am a total newbie in what concerns robotics stuff but... I want to change that

    I started reading this newsgroup two or three weeks ago in search of a good starting point. From previous post, I learned that an 'easy' solution is the LEGO mindstorms products. However, I've got the impression that another easy solution (and apparently more powerful, in term of computing power) is the Fischertechnik robot product line.

    So, my questions are: Why is it that Fischertechnik products are almost never cited in this newsgroup (only 5 hits with Google) relatively to Lego (131 hits)
    ? Is there a _technical_ reason that makes Fischertechnic a bad idea for a smooth start in building robots ?

    Thanks a lot,

    FisherTechnik's robotic products are of the lowest quality in terms of ease of handling. it is very difficult to find help on the internet, explanations are not clear and often not in English. the kit costs are expensive but not efficient. there are
    other alternatives on the market, less expensive and much easier to handle. I am a teacher and my students have had a lot of trouble with the RoboPro software which is also complicated. Numbers of functions are in German. I do not recommend this product
    for those who are taking their first step into the world of robotics.

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