• New to robotics. Need dead simple rotary servo and rotary knob remo

    From David K. Bryant@21:1/5 to svejkovat on Thu Sep 17 12:31:46 2015
    On 11/28/2014 08:18 PM, svejkovat wrote:
    I'm trying to control an adjustment knob in another room.

    I realize that this response is a little late
    and you may have already arrived at a solution
    to the knob problem.

    My first thought upon reading the statement of
    need is "why turn a knob?" You seem to be
    fixated on turning an existing knob to control
    the flow. Could you not replace the knob operated
    valve with a valve more suited to being controlled?
    At only 24psi you could even make a valve from
    PVC plastic. A screw shaft driving a cone into
    a seat comes to mind. Unless you're dealing with
    oxygen or some exotic gas in which case special
    requirements apply.

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