• PACS with multiple hospitals

    From J. David Giese@21:1/5 to wlam...@gmail.com on Tue Jan 12 08:32:24 2021
    Perhaps this DICOM tag could be used to encode the institutions?


    On Monday, November 11, 2019 at 9:50:30 AM UTC-5, wlam...@gmail.com wrote:
    We are developing e new PACS for over 100 hospitals. Our current PACS has a Cloud PACS account for each hospital with a specific AE Title for the hospital. Is it possible to use the same AE Title, IP and Port for every hospital and have a way thru the
    DICOM tags know which hospital has sent it's image to a PACS?

    Using a Cloud PACS, is there a way for a hospital with advanced modalities such as CT and MRI to send images quick enough for doctors and radiologists to read the images, or is it best to have a local PACS on a server at the hospital so the images can
    be viewed alot quicker?

    Thank You in Advance!

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