• How to format Presentation Address Attributes of DICOMWeb clients?

    From gunter zeilinger@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jan 12 05:39:21 2021
    DICOM PS 3.10, Presentation Address Attributes

    The encoding of the presentation address depends on the network transport protocol.

    For objects exchanged using the PS3.18 Web Services, the presentation address shall be encoded as the absolute URL of the endpoint of the base of the resource or service, sufficient to identify the system. E.g., "http://myhost.mydomain.com:80/wado-rs/".
    The presentation address is not expected to be the complete address of the resource. The scheme shall be "http", regardless of whether secure transport was actually used or not.

    only specifies how to format the presentation address of the DICOMWeb server application (= Receiving Presentation Address (0002,0028) for STOW-RS, Sending Presentation Address (0002,0027) for WADO-RS/URI), but does not give any hint, how to format host+
    port of the client (= Sending Presentation Address (0002,0027) for STOW-RS, Receiving Presentation Address (0002,0028) for WADO-RS/URI).

    Also found no URI scheme for the identification of http-clients at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_URI_schemes .

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