• Device send to PACS strange Query Request in Patient Name: *^*^*

    From Dmitry Belkevich@21:1/5 to All on Fri Oct 2 06:14:04 2020
    понедельник, 7 сентября 2020 г. в 22:16:16 UTC+3, vbad...@gmail.com:
    Op maandag 7 september 2020 om 11:16:17 UTC+2 schreef Dmitry Belkevich:
    Good day to all,
    We have a device that send to PACS strange Query Request in the Patient Name field: *^*^* (as reqeust without name filter)
    Does it corresponds to the standard?
    It is strange, but valid. The caret "^" character is the component delimiter for the different components in a PN (Person Name) VR. * will match any sequence of characters.
    Ok, thank you! I have added implementation for such requests.

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