• How to encode table movements in DICOM Structured Dose Reports

    From Stefan Allers@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 15 06:00:47 2021
    Hi DICOM experts,

    I would like to correctly encode the table movements during FLUORO in the DICOM Dose Report. In TID 10003C (Irradiation Event X-Ray Mechanical Data) under DCID 10008 "Dose Related Distance Measurements" there are these two possibilities:

    "Table Longitudinal Position" (Code Value 113751) and "Table Longitudinal End Position" (Code Value 113759).

    It is defined like this:

    "Table Longitudinal Position with respect to an arbitrary​ chosen reference by the equipment. Table motion​ towards LAO is positive assuming that the patient is​ positioned supine and its head is in normal position."

    So unfortunately the position values are dependent on how the patient lies on the table. However for changing the "longitudinal" position I would have expected that the motion is described towards heat/feet and not LAO position.

    Is this just mixed up with the decription for "Table Lateral Position" or do I misunderstand it completely wrong?


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