• dciodvfy new output messages

    From David Clunie@21:1/5 to All on Wed Sep 15 06:00:40 2021
    Hi folks

    You may be interested in a "-new" command line option to dciodvfy, added as a result of an NCI-funded project for TCIA, which:

    - shows the full path to the offending attribute
    - reports the keyword, tag (without 0x) +/- private creator
    - uses a ["n"] convention to report sequence item number and value number
    - uses a more consistent pattern of ordering of Error/Warning - path to attribute - message - value
    - uses a more consistent use of delimiters around values

    E.g., instead of:

    Warning - CodingSchemeDesignator is deprecated - attribute <CodingSchemeDesignator> = <SNM3>

    with the "-new" option you get:

    Warning - </SharedFunctionalGroupsSequence(5200,9229)[1]/FrameAnatomySequence(0020,9071)[1]/AnatomicRegionSequence(0008,2218)[1]/CodingSchemeDesignator(0008,0102)[1]> - CodingSchemeDesignator is deprecated = <SNM3>




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  • From Markus Sabin@21:1/5 to All on Wed Sep 15 23:04:37 2021
    Your tool is awesome David (same counts for the SR Validator), we are using it a lot. The new feature is what we had missed sometimes. Great to have that now and many thanks for providing this to the community.

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