• Possible to determine T1 vs. T2 from DICOM tags?

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    I am trying to extract as much data as possible from both DICOM and
    HL7 (study description, series description, etc.) for all images
    stored on our PACS, in order to further manipulate the data.

    I understand that the response times vary by tissue, but is there a "foolproof" way to distinguish T1 from T2 by dicom data alone? In
    other words, is there a standard calculation that can be made on:

    (0018,0080) RepetitionTime
    (0018,0081) EchoTime

    In order to flag a series correctly, or do I need to rely on the
    series description .. (and if so, is the series description a reliable
    way to do this?)


    typically would expect this to be part of the Image Type (0008,0008)
    Suggests approximate values for T1 and T2.

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