• Cloud Storage for DICOM

    From Mohammed Alruqimi@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jul 30 09:29:29 2021
    I'm planning to start a teleradiology business (Cloud PCAS), just like PostDicom, where health centers around the country upload their medical images such as DICOM to the cloud to be processed by remote radiologists. I spent two weeks searching about
    cloud storage options. I think there two main things to consider: the cloud storage and the sync/transfer big files to the cloud. I cant choose among Azure Blob, Google Cloud, Dropbox ..etc. I explored MS Azure and I think it is suitable but a little
    bit expensive and add network bandwidths to the bill. I'm wondering if I can simply storage DICOMs on a Dropbox account and access to them from my web application? I mean, are there limitations in performance or something else when use pure cloud storage
    rather than Azure and Amazon in such business? any advices would be appreciated please.

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