• Project series on transfer learning/Dicom image classification

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    Hi all,

    Are you a data science engineer/ biomedical researcher/ imaging analyst,  or a deep learning enthusiast wishing to learn and improve your computer vision skills by hands on project based experience? Then do check out and complete the four project series
    published by Manning Publications in the link below.


    In this series, you will gain familiarity with medical image datasets, especially the image data format that is used in biomedical research and industry. You will then build deep neural networks to analyze them. You will gain the following skills if you
    complete one or more projects in the series.

    Building VGG16 and ResNet convolutional deep learning architectures with basic functional components
    Gain familiarity with the image data format (Dicom) used in biomedical research and industry
    Deploying 2 different deep learning models using Keras
    Tuning model hyper-parameters to improve performance
    Studying model performance using training and validation curves
    Use transfer learning for training VGG16 and ResNet models
    Making predictions using deep learning models and Keras
    Implementing Grad-CAM visualization
    Implementing deep learning model performance metrics

    Anuradha Kar, PhD (Project Author/ Mentor)
    École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France

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