• Problems viewing dicom in unix after SECTRA PACS storage

    From Jochen@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jun 16 04:00:54 2021
    Hello to all
    I am wondering if this conversation is still valid after so many years, but
    I am facing this issue also .. and I can use the previous report almost verbally

    In an hospital we have a SECTRA PACS
    Pictures made by CT and MRI get stored in the SECTRA PACS in
    uncompressed DICOM and are distributed from there to other
    clinical systems
    There is a neuronavigation system (Medtronic (stealth neuronavigation system)) however which cannot recognize/display the files anymore - if retrieved from SECTRA PACS
    Using the CT and/or MRI sent the dicom files directly to the
    StealthMerge neuronavigation system system these files and functions
    are perfect- also by using DICOM Media
    Does anybody have access to or a source for the Medtronic (StealthMerge neuronavigation system)
    DICOM Conformance Statement?

    This would be appreciated very much
    Thanks and best regards


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