• Dicom - Reference spacing standards for sizing

    From Tareen Dawood@21:1/5 to All on Wed Oct 7 07:37:45 2020
    Hi everyone,

    I hoep you are well.

    Please can you help, I am a student looking for some assistance in how to utilise a variable in a Dicom header from a Toshiba ultrasound machine.

    I am trying to get a conversion value from the ultrasound scan into a physical measurement. I want to find the value that can help me with the conversion from the pixel value size to an actual geometrical size before someone calibrates the machine?

    I hope someone can assist me as the normal value for this (pixel spacing) was not captured in the file when the scan was performed only a few limtied variable are available.

    There are the delta physical values that I can use but I am not sure if I need to use the volume of the block based on the physical delta or just the value as is if its the same in X and Y direction. The actual pixel spacing is not in header so I am
    looking for other options.

    I hope I explained this well :)

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