• What is the sample size used to determine the Z score for Parkinsons?

    From Howard Miller@21:1/5 to All on Wed Apr 21 12:29:05 2021
    I am a coordinator for a small Parkinson's support group.

    In looking at several member dicom DaTSPECT scans and their Z scores, I can't find multiple sources of information on the sample size of the supposed 100% "asymptomatic" population used to construct the Parkinson's distribution nor their distribution by
    age. Nor if a distinct Parkinson's sample data base exists.

    The reading nuclear radiologist says he doesn't know.

    I found one reference (igi-global) claiming 72,126 patients in a meta-analysis. It seems highly unlikely any of it pertains to Parkinson's scans although a portion maybe relevant.

    Thanks. HMM

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