• Mentifex Communicat: The 2015 Artificial Intelligence Achievement Award

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    The Global Annual AI Achievement Awards
    have today been announced in the AI Forum at


    and the following categories in which you may vote

    1) Best AI Startup

    2) Best Consumer Application of AI

    3) Best AI in the Enterprise

    4) Best use of AI in Robotics

    5) Best use of AI in Vision

    6) Best use of AI in Education

    8) AI Person of the Year

    9) AI Company of the Year

    10) AI Application of the Year

    are explained in detail at the




    Major goal in life: Trigger a Technological Singularity;
    Minor goal: Overthrow the unelected government of China;
    Minor goal: Win a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine;
    Minor goal: [X] Reunification of East and West Germany.

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