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    Implementing Squid Proxy Server on Ubuntu should work out for you. I found a Google article on it.

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    I’m a Respiratory Therapist however I like working bees and felling dead/ diseased trees.

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     Gentlemen can you please explain to me why these certificates are expired and unsigned ? Im really bad with computer stuff.
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    1. heimdal http proxy (Charles Hedrick)


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    Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2021 15:22:26 +0000
    From: Charles Hedrick <hedrick@rutgers.edu>
    Subject: heimdal http proxy
    To: "kerberos@mit.edu" <kerberos@mit.edu>
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    I?d like to be able to use Kerberos SPNEGO at home. Unfortunately the Mac uses Heimdal.

    We don?t currently explore our Kerberos servers to the Internet, but we do have an https proxy for MIT kerberos. Heimal apparently has its own HTTP proxy. Does anyone know of software to implement the proxy?


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