• AW: gss_localname() with multiple KDC/User Directories + Apache + mod_a

    From Tobias Kritten (EXT)@21:1/5 to Greg Hudson on Tue Jul 20 16:13:48 2021
    To: kerberos@mit.edu (kerberos@mit.edu)

    Hi Greg,

    thanks for your quick help!

    auth_to_local is always looked up in the default realm, not in the realm of the principal being authorized. This is why the rule has to do the annoying dance of explicitly including the realm in the [] part, matching it in the () part,
    and removing it in the s// part. Fixing this historical botch isn't trivial since the
    obvious fixes would be likely to break existing deployments. (The same problem applies to auth_to_local_names, which is even worse since there's
    no workaround aside from not doing any cross-realm.)

    Moving the auth_to_local directive into the default realm solved the issue - thank you so much! :-)


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