• Re[3]: MIT Kerberos Master principal deletion

    From Chris Hecker@21:1/5 to Nico Williams on Thu Jun 11 23:01:23 2020
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    Looks like it might also be in the global master_keyblock in the
    server_kdb.c file.


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    I don't think it would make it harder.

    I just mean because you won't be able to set a breakpoint at a function that uses the key, you'll have to actually chase it around in memory (assuming you use something like gcore to dump it as fast as possible without regard to where it is executing
    when it's dumped).

    If I was doing this live, I'd set a breakpoint on some function that used the key to decrypt and then inspect there, but with a core file you'll need to make sure you can find all the structures first.

    Is realm_mkey in the kdc_realm_data struct the one he wants?


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    On Thu, Jun 11, 2020 at 10:19:39PM +0000, Chris Hecker wrote:
    Maybe dump the core of the running process so you don't accidentally crash >>> it while trying to debug it live? But that would make finding it in memory
    even harder...

    I don't think it would make it harder.

    BTW, we should make it much harder to delete important principals...

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