• CD tem[plate for Canon TS700 seriesT

    From Russ@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 16 10:05:51 2020
    Hello –

    This is my first time posting to this newsgroup.

    I have a question which requires a bit of background.

    I used an Epson R280 inkjet printer for over 10 years to print label info directly onto CD surfaces.

    I used a template I found on the Riverwood Photography website that was extremely useful in in that I never had to use Epson’s CD labeling software (which most people seemed to hate).

    All my CD label files were .pdd or .psd format (Photoshop Elements 12 and 2020).

    I had an empty CD template with the CD perimeter placed exactly as it was on the above-mentioned template.

    The Epson has died of old age, colors are way off and text ghosting and stray marks when writing to a CD surface.

    In the meantime I acquired a Canon TS702 inkjet. Canon users seem to hate the ‘My Image Garden’ software even more than Epson users hated the Epson software! Canon’s ‘Easy PhotoPrint’ allows you to paste our own artwork onto a CD blank
    template, but the file must be .jpg and the image has to be resized each time, using a very clunky, inflexible and poorly documented tool.

    I ought to be able to be able to print CD directly from Photoshop Elements (which recognizes the TS702) but I can’t find any documentation as to the required dimensions of the background. Could be just 120mm x 120mm. Have not tried that.

    So my question: Does anyone know of a CD printing template for the Canon TS700 series?

    Any information much appreciated.

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