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    This thread shows how to print to _any_ printer that is on your LAN,
    (as long as it has an IP address) where I've been printing away.

    However, today I noticed a "gotcha", which is "landscaped" printing.
    o I was printing a 2021 customized paper calendar (with birthdays)
    based on this tutorial where I converted the calendar PDF to PPT.

    o Windows Tutorial to annotate & print family calendar at home on 8.5x11 paper (please improve for all to benefit)

    When I converted the custom Powerpoint back to PDF, it unexpectedly
    printed from my Android phone _only_ in "portrait" orientation.

    Not "landscape".

    I solved it easily by rotating the PDF in Adobe Acrobat on Windows,
    but this problem of "portrait-only" orientation doesn't happen when I print
    the same file on Windows.

    The "portrait-only" orientation only happens when I print from Android.

    In summary, it's just a heads-up to test both orientations if you use this tutorial to print from Android using LetsPrintDroid & LetsPrintPDF.
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