• CFP: ADAPT'16 with new Reddit-based discussions! Deadline 9 Oct. 2015

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    We are exciting to announce - with a twist - the call for papers for ADAPT. Based on positive feedback from last year's edition, we have decided to use exclusively our new submission and publication model where authors submit their articles (and artifacts) directly to open ArXiv, we then open a discussion thread for each paper on Reddit, and eventually let our PC select the most appropriate ones for presentation.

    We hope you will be able to submit a paper and be part of this new experiment. See our ADAPT website for motivation and further details.



    ADAPT: 6th International Workshop on
    Adaptive Self-tuning Computing Systems

    18 January 2016, Prague, Czech Republic
    (co-located with HiPEAC 2016)



    ADAPT is an interdisciplinary workshop to discuss and demonstrate
    practical and reproducible techniques, methodology and tools that
    can help convert existing or future software and hardware into
    adaptive, scalable and self-tuning systems. Such systems should
    be able to automatically improve their characteristics (execution
    time, energy usage, size, accuracy, reliability, bandwidth,
    adaptation time and memory usage) depending on an application and
    its input, available resources, run-time state of the system, and
    user requirements.

    ADAPT topics include but are not limited to machine learning
    based autotuning, representative benchmarking, real application
    self-tuning, automatic performance modelling, self-tuning
    compilers, automatic bug detection, run-time adaptation,
    automatic fault tolerance, dynamic hardware reconfiguration,
    predictive scheduling, new programming models, green data
    centres, adaptive embedded devices, reproducible experimentation,
    and optimization knowledge sharing. You can check out accepted
    papers from the past ADAPT workshops at:

    * http://adapt-workshop.org/prior_workshops.html

    All further details about new submission and reviewing process
    is available at ADAPT website:

    * http://adapt-workshop.org

    ==== Important Dates ====

    We encourage earlier submissions before the deadline
    to allow more time for open discussions!

    * Paper submission deadline: 9 October 2015
    * End of public discussions: 30 October 2015
    * Author notification: 20 November 2015
    * Early fees registration: ~15 December 2015

    ==== Program Chairs/organisers: ====

    * Christophe Dubach, University of Edinburgh (UK)
    * Grigori Fursin, dividti (UK) / cTuning Foundation (France)

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