• Literature Review of Meta-heuristics and Machine Learning for Software

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    Dear Colleagues,

    We are developing a literature review of methods that use meta-heuristics or machine learning for software optimization. We aim at covering research results that are published since the year 2000. The literature review is available online at,


    If your research group has contributed to this domain and you would like to include your key publication in this review, then please send to "suejb.memeti@lnu.se" the following data,

    - BibTeX of publication (including the abstract)
    - A representative image (PNG format) of publication
    - Optimization method(s): Machine Learning and/or Meta-heuristics
    - Activity: Code Optimization, Code Generation, Scheduling, Adaptation
    - Target system: Single Node, Multi Node, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing
    - Optimization algorithm(s)
    - Optimization objective(s)
    - Considered program features for optimization

    With kind regards, Sabri Pllana

    Sabri Pllana, PhD

    Associate Professor
    Linnaeus University
    Department of Computer Science
    SE-351 95 Växjö, Sweden


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