• wget 1.25.5 for VMS

    From Alexey Chupahin@21:1/5 to All on Mon May 20 11:57:56 2024
    I wish to update port and *support* wget utility for OpenVMS.
    please visit https://vaxvms.org/ if useful.
    Currently its still in beta state, but seems important functions work
    Please send me bugs, ask to compile EXE, etc.

    $wget --version...
    GNU Wget 1.24.5 built on VMS.

    -cares +digest -gpgme +https -ipv6 +iri -large-file -metalink -nls
    +ntlm +opie -psl +ssl/openssl

    Run-time: VMS Alpha V8.3, OpenSSL 1.1.0g 2 Nov 2017

    --- SoupGate-Win32 v1.05
    * Origin: fsxNet Usenet Gateway (21:1/5)