• Re: I'm desperately looking for help using xdelta

    From Simon Clubley@21:1/5 to vaxinf@gmail.com on Tue Dec 12 13:21:01 2023
    On 2023-12-12, vaxinf@gmail.com <vaxinf@googlemail.com> wrote:
    In the actual xdelta documentation you'll find the following:


    7FFE1600/'R0/ Linefeed Linefeed'

    The ASCII string ?R0/ LINEFEED LINEFEED? is stored at address 7FFE1600.
    This string, if subsequently
    executed with the ;E command, examines the contents of general register
    0 (the command
    R0/), then examines two subsequent registers (using two LINEFEED commands).

    But as soon as I type in "7ffe1600/" xdelta prints out the famous "eh?".

    So what do I do wrong?????

    I don't suppose it's case sensitive by any chance is it ?

    Also, what architecture is this (in case it matters) ?


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