• Cayman Airways Cancellation Policy

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    Do you fly with Cayman Airways? Cayman Airways is a flag carrier airline. In addition to passenger services, it also has cargo services on most routes. Please check Cayman Airways’ cancellation policy if you have an alteration to our travel plans and
    see if you can get a refund.

    You can get more details about the cancellation by dialing our agent at 1-800-880-8132.

    Cayman Airways Cancellation and Refund Policy: (Cancellation and Refund Policy) You must request a refund before the ticket expiration date, which is 13 months from the ticket issue date. You can submit your request with the documents required by the Cayman Airways refund department.

    Follow the methods:

    By phone
    The Cayman Airways ticket office
    Travel agency, if you purchased your ticket through a travel agency
    These are the contact points where you can start your refund process.

    Canceled Flight compensation
    Generally, the refund is made to the person whose name appears on the ticket. For related rules, see below:

    A refund for a credit card purchase of a ticket can only be returned as a credit to the credit card account used to make the purchase.
    For government transportation, refunds will be made to the government agency. In the case of minors, a refund will be provided to the parents.
    If the buyer designates someone at the time of purchase, the designated person. Notice of Prepaid Tickets or PTA Buyer Only from PTA
    The refund currency will be the same as the currency used to purchase the tickets.
    What about non-refundable tickets? (Definition)
    Some tickets are not refundable. Cayman Airways do not refund tickets purchased on a non-refundable fare. That includes taxes, fees, or any other charges included in the ticket price.

    If you plan to cancel a non-refundable ticket, you can adjust it for future transportation on this airline. The general penalty for changes will not be applied to it. However, you must do so before the end of the year from the original issue date. If you
    have purchased a non-refundable ticket and need to cancel, please do so before the first scheduled flight to preserve the value of the ticket.

    Cayman Airways is a reliable airline and has simple policies. If you must travel on this airline, you should have information about the problems handy. Issues such as cancellation and other aspects such as your baggage policies and options such as
    getting a rental car or hotel upon arrival, etc., like any other airline.

    For more information, then give call to our agent at 1-800-880-8132.

    Hope you find the content valuable!

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