• Ingenious way to hack Instagram Using a health band!

    From Jack Smith@21:1/5 to All on Wed Nov 29 23:10:52 2023
    Yes, I used a health band to find my spouse cheating on me. I consider myself this as the most ingenious method of catching a cheating lover or spouse.

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    I came to know that she is meeting some one for a long time. I decided to gift her a health as the one she used to wear was broken. But I planted a secret code provided by egspy.com team to get track of her Instagram account chats and emails.

    As soon as she connected the health band to her phone device via Bluetooth, the code executed and get deployed on her device itself. Then I had full access to all the apps on her device.

    It turned out that my distrust about she was cheating on me was right. Later I confronted her with enough proof and she confessed to the same. But we did resolved these issues by having an open discussion. I accepted the fact and decided to move on.

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