• [866-798-0445] Facebook Account Hacked - How to recover?

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    To recover your hacked Facebook account, you first have to get access to your account somehow and then simply change your password and username. And if you want extended assistance, call 866-798-0445; it's the official number of Facebook.

    How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account? Simple Steps
    As soon as you understand, report your hacked Facebook account by calling 866-798-0445. It is the official number of Facebook and exclusively provides help to those whose accounts have been compromised.
    Apart from that, here are some things you can do to bring back your Facebook to yourself:

    1. Understand If Your Account Was Hacked
    The first sign of Facebook account hacking comes in minute details. For example, your account will send out Friend Requests to random people you don't know and will contain posts not done by you.
    Moreover, it will start posting malicious and unsolicited links on your friend’s walls. These are the first steps and ways to understand that your account was hacked.

    2. Learn Who Has the Access to Your Account
    If you fear that your Facebook account was hacked and your email and phone were changed, you first must find out if it's true. Therefore, before the hackers lock you out of your account, take these steps:
    ● Go to your Account & Privacy Settings
    ● Then, from there, head to your Activity Log
    ● And from there, finally, to your Active Sessions.
    There, you will find all the devices on which your Facebook account has recently activated. And that's how you will discover who has access to your Facebook account.

    3. Report Your Account
    Now if you weren't locked out of your Facebook account, you can go to www.facebook.com/hacked and report your account.
    However, once your Facebook account is hacked and locked out, you have to recover it first and then report it.
    Here is how you can recover your Facebook account:
    ● Ask your friend to help you log into their account through Any Desk. ● Next, from their search bar, go right ahead and look for your profile ● Once on your profile, click your Profile picture and select the "Find Help & Support button."
    ● Finally, once you’re on the support page, you can go ahead and follow the prompts to retrieve your account.

    4. Things to Remember After Recover Account
    After recovering your account, here are a few things you must remember to do: ● Change your Facebook password to a stronger one.
    ● Follow suspicious and third-party accounts, and remind your families as soon as possible.
    ● Let Facebook know that you have retrieved your account and help you safeguard your profile.
    ● Report any suspicious accounts or channels that are linked to your account.
    Taking these simple steps will help you keep your Facebook account safe. Moreover, it will also help you safeguard your profile in the future and keep it protected.

    1. Can you retrieve your hacked Facebook account?
    Yes, you can retrieve your hacked Facebook account. Simply report your account, change your password, and remove all third-party access from your account. Your Facebook account will be safe.

    2. How do I contact Facebook to recover my account?
    Call 866-798-0445 or leave a message in the support inbox. Moreover, you can also log in to www.facebook.com/hacked and directly report your account. Therefore, there are various ways of reporting your account. Choose whichever way you like.

    3. How do I contact Facebook support about a hacked account?
    Call Facebook support at 866-798-0445 or instantly message Facebook on their account. Moreover, if you want, you can drop a message on their support inbox and get over this issue.

    Now that you know how to recover hacked Facebook account, don’t let hackers and identity thieves take over your account. And in case you need more assistance during your recovery process, don’t hesitate to call 866-798-0445, the official number for

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