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    How to Change and upgrade my Iberia Airlines flight?
    There are a few things you can do to change or upgrade your Iberia Airlines flight. You can visit the Iberia Airlines website and check the availability of seats on your desired flight. You can also call Iberia Airlines customer service person at +1-800-
    772-4642 or OTA at: +1-800-971-7347 to see if any seats are available. If there are seats available, you can then purchase the upgrade.

    What are the charges of changing flight dates on Iberia Airlines?
    Iberia Airlines charges a change fee of €60 per passenger when the change is made more than 24 hours
    After the original ticket purchase, the new flight is in a higher fare class than the original ticket.
    If the change is made within 24 hours of the original ticket purchase, there is no charge.
    Can I upgrade my booking to a higher cabin class?
    Yes, you can upgrade your booking to a higher cabin class.
    You can either do this through your airline’s website or by contacting their customer service department at +1-800-772-4642 or OTA at: +1-800-971-7347.
    Be aware that there may be an additional charge for doing this, so make sure to research the cost before making your decision.
    How to Change Flight Date Online with the Iberia Airlines?
    Iberia Airlines offers a convenient online system for changing your flight date. However, there are a few things you need to know before you start the process. One of the most convenient way is to call the customer service person at +1-800-772-4642 or
    OTA at: +1-800-971-7347. Here is a guide on how to change your flight date on Iberia Airlines.

    First, you will need to go to the Iberia Airlines website and sign in.
    Once you are logged in, you will need to click on “Manage My Booking” and then select “Change Flight.”
    Next, you will need to enter your booking reference number and your confirmation code.
    Once you have entered this information, click on “Continue.”
    Now you will need to select the new flight date and enter the required information. Once you have finished, click on “Submit.”
    Your new flight date will be confirmed and you will be able to print your new tickets.
    Make sure to review the changes to your itinerary before you finalise your booking.
    How much Iberia Airlines Charge For Change Flight?
    Iberia Airlines charges €150 for a change in flight, plus the difference in fare if the new flight is more expensive. If the new flight is less expensive, there is no refund.

    How many miles do you need to upgrade to business class on Iberia Airlines?
    The cost of upgrading from economy to business class on Iberia Airlines depends on how many miles you need to upgrade.

    If you have between 1,001 and 2,000 miles to upgrade, the cost is €100.
    If you have between 2,001 and 3,000 miles to upgrade, the cost is €200.
    And if you have more than 3,000 miles to upgrade, the cost is €300.

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