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    Before finalizing your flight plans to Paris or beyond, it's essential to understand Air France's cancellation policy. Here's a breakdown of the key points you should know before making a purchase:

    Air France Cancellation and Refund Policy:
    Eligible Fare Types:

    Flexible fares allow cancellations, while non-refundable flights are not eligible for cancellation.
    Cancellation Fees:

    Depending on the booking class, a cancellation fee may apply.
    Some fare types may only allow changes to the itinerary or travel dates, not full cancellations.
    Refund Contact:

    For tickets purchased through a travel agency, contact them first.
    For direct bookings, reach out to Air France directly for refund assistance. Unused Ticket Refund:

    If a ticket is unused and no longer valid, you're entitled to a refund of taxes and fees.
    Tickets Allowing Cancellation:
    Within 24 Hours:

    Air France's 24-hour cancellation policy allows free cancellation for tickets booked within the last 24 hours.
    Applies to flights originating from the United States, following US Department of Transportation rules.
    Specified Price Categories:

    Certain fare categories are eligible for cancellation with Europe travel:
    Fully flexible business class.
    Fully flexible economy class.
    Intercontinental travel eligible categories include:
    Fully flexible business class.
    Excellent fully flexible economy.
    Completely flexible economy.
    Flight Change Policy:
    Non-Refundable Vouchers:

    If the fare category doesn't allow complete cancellation, a non-refundable and non-transferable voucher is issued.
    This voucher can only be used with Air France and is not a refund in the traditional sense.
    Change Fees:

    Most fare types can be changed for a fee, deducted from the original value of the unused portion of the flight cost.
    Tickets Modified by the Airline:
    Free Cancellation:

    If the airline modifies your flight before departure, you can cancel your ticket for free.
    If your flight is delayed by at least five hours while you're at the airport, you can cancel the unused portion for a refund.
    European Airline Compensation:

    If a flight is delayed or canceled due to reasons within the airline's control, such as mechanical problems, additional compensation may be requested.
    How to Cancel an Air France Flight:

    Log into your Flying Blue account, go to "My Bookings," select the flight, and follow the instructions.
    Refunds are processed online within 30 days at no additional cost.
    By Phone:

    Call 1-888-526-0444 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. M. Until 8:30 p.m. Eastern time.
    Flying Blue Award Ticket Cancellation:
    Fee for Changes and Cancellations:
    For Flying Blue award tickets, a fee of approximately $53 (€50) applies for changes and cancellations.
    Contact Flying Blue customer service at 1-800-375-8723.
    Some Air France tickets are refundable, but most qualify for travel credits. The 24-hour cancellation policy allows free cancellation within this period. Carefully review ticket price conditions before making any changes.
    Award ticket changes or cancellations incur a fee, so be aware of this cost. Understanding these details will help you navigate Air France's cancellation policy and make informed decisions regarding your flight plans.

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