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    Latam Airlines has established comprehensive and easily understandable rules for its cancellation policy. If you are considering canceling a flight, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with Latam Airlines' cancellation policy. Here are the details:

    Latam Airlines Cancellation Policy:
    Cancellation Rules For Classes, Category & Fares:
    Non-refundable or rebooked Promo Code/Voucher Tickets:

    Tickets booked with a promo code or voucher are non-refundable or rebooked. Flex Class Ticket:

    Refund available if canceled up to 24 hours before departure.
    Approximately 10% deduction from the fare.
    Control Flex Fare Ticket:

    Cancellation 72 hours before departure incurs around 10% fee.
    Cancellation after 72 hours incurs around 25% fee.
    Access and Base Fare Ticket:

    Cancellation up to 120 minutes before departure with a 10% fee.
    Cancellation after 120 minutes incurs around 50% fee.
    Cancellation Rules For Non-Refundable Tickets:
    Refund as Future Credits:

    Non-refundable ticket holders can get a refund in the form of future credits. Validity:

    Future credits have a 1-year validity for flight ticket reservations.
    Major Highlights:
    Refund Claims:

    Refunds can only be claimed through the official website or mobile application. European Airport Compensation:

    Flight cancellation compensation of around 700 US dollars for flights departing from European airports.
    Special Cases:

    Certain circumstances, such as medical emergencies or relative deaths, may exempt passengers from cancellation charges.
    Flight Disruptions:
    Flight Cancellation:

    Full refund for flights canceled by Latam Airlines due to manmade reasons, natural disasters, airline strikes, or major concerns.
    Flight Delay Compensation:

    Full refund for delays exceeding 5 hours or more than 3 hours from European airports.
    Missed Flight Due to Airport Mistake:

    Full refund or rebooking options for flights missed due to airport management mistakes.
    Cancellation Procedures:
    Online Cancellation:
    Visit www.latam.com or use the mobile application.
    Select "Manage Booking" and enter the correct PNR or booking number along with the flyer's last name.
    Access the travel itinerary and choose the cancellation option.
    Receive acknowledgment via email or mobile for the canceled flight.
    Offline Cancellation:
    Call the airline's specified phone number.
    Speak with a representative and provide booking information.
    Get assistance for cancellation, rebooking, or refund over the call.
    Refund Eligibility:

    Refunds depend on Latam Airlines' cancellation policy and rules.
    Refund Request:

    If a refund is not received, passengers can raise a refund request through the website or mobile app.
    Additional Information:
    Cancellation Within 24 Hours:

    Passengers can cancel within the first 24 hours without penalty under specific conditions.
    LATAM Guidelines:

    Familiarize yourself with LATAM guidelines for canceling within 24 hours.
    Latam Airlines Refund Status:

    Latam assures passengers' rights to a refund and timely services in case of inability to board due to unforeseen circumstances.
    Contacting Representatives:

    Contact Latam representatives easily by phone or email for prompt assistance. Latam Airlines Refund Policy:
    Refund Form:

    Complete the airline's refund form available on the official website. Submission:

    Submit the refund request, and an email confirmation will be received.
    Refund Period:

    Refunds are processed within 7-20 business days through the same payment method.
    Customer Service:

    Representatives provide excellent service during the refund process.
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
    Full Refund Possibility:

    Full refund available in case of flight cancellation within 7 days.
    Refund Request Process:

    Refund request process outlined through "My Trips" on the official website. Rescheduling Option:

    Latam offers rescheduling options for flights canceled or rescheduled due to various reasons.
    Ticket Transfer:

    Customers are allowed to transfer tickets to a third party without penalties. Online Cancellation:

    Latam allows online cancellation through its official website.
    Latam Airlines Group has introduced an improved cancellation policy, offering flexibility for passengers within the first 24 hours of booking, ensuring a stress-free travel experience. Familiarizing yourself with these policies ensures a smooth process
    in case of any changes or cancellations. If you have further questions, visit Latam's official support page for expert guidance.

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