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    On 11/18/2023 6:47 PM, Arne Vajhøj wrote:
    On 11/18/2023 9:22 AM, Arne Vajhøj wrote:
    On 11/17/2023 8:10 PM, Arne Vajhøj wrote:
    I just did another little article.


    providing some examples for the databases available on VMS (Rdb, MySQL,
    SQLite, Mimer, Derby, H2, HSQLDB) in various programming languages
    (Cobol, C, Pascal, Java, Jython, Python, PHP).

    Nothing surprising and a lot of overlap with previous
    articles, but a different perspective.

    Niel Rieck replied (for some reason the post did not propagate
    to eternal-september, so this is a manual copy from Google Groups):

    2) Back in 2016 I received a copy of MariaDB-5.5 for OpenVMS Itanium
    from Mark Berryman. Since 90% of our VMS stuff is written in BASIC, I
    spent more than a few days trying to glue Mark's client code to my
    BASIC programs (we are in the process of moving our data from RMS to
    MariaDB). Linking the object files was fairly easy using Mark's
    instructions. Trying to pass string arrays from C to BASIC was a
    little more difficult. My eventual solution involved created string
    arrays in a BASIC declared COMMON then had C employ str$get1_dx() to
    copy the data back. I would be interested to learn if you had a better >>  > method.

    VMS Basic is as it is and the libmysql API is what it is and
    any solution is constrained by that.

    I do not have any magic solution for the problem. I would
    probably have made the API differently (but differently does
    not necessarily mean better).

    I could not resist trying.

    This is first attempt. But I think it is a relative clean API.

    I updated the article with:
    * Basic & MySQL examples
    * Groovy & JPA examples

    (yes - Groovy and JPA makes for real short code)


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