• RSTS-11 v3 questions about file system

    From A L@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jan 29 20:42:41 2023
    Hi All,

    I notice that this group has not seen a lot of traffic lately, to say the least, but I'll try my luck.

    So I have these old RSTS-11 v3 installs on the RF11 disk image, v3a and v3c, and I am figuring out the filesystem layout. I seem to have figured everything as to how the directory structure and storage is organized (it resembles a lot of its future
    development in v4 and on), but there's one (well, two, actually) thing that I am still trying to crack:

    Both v3a and v3c seem to have the TSS-8 feature of dedicating some initial part of the drive for monitor and stuff, with the actual file system residing past that, and occupying the remainder of the drive. For v3a, the first logical fs block seems to be
    at LBN 270 (octal, 184 decimal), but for v3c it's 620 (400 decimal). By LBN I mean a 0-based 512-byte block number (even though RF11 is a word-addressable device). Now, how that margin, in either case, have been calculated? If there a reference
    somewhere on the drive (excluding the FIP code, obviously) that gives that offset -- or it's hardcoded (in FIP, that is)?

    The second thing is that there seems to be SAT (storage allocation table, a la SATT in the later versions of RSTS) used in these early file systems, too, but it looks like it is not stored in the file (file system) area (similar to [0,1]SATT.SYS). Rather,
    that it's stored in the "reserved" initial portion of the drive. Any clue, where that would be? And is there any "structured" way of getting that location (or it's a FIP "property" entirely)?

    Anyways, if somebody knows anything about these (including the pointers as to where to look), please share.

    Thanks a lot!


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