• RJS CD/DVD writer problem

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    On Fri, 4 Mar 2016 07:07:59 UTC, Barry Landy <bl10nospam@cam.ac.uk>

    On Thu, 3 Mar 2016, Barry Landy wrote:

    Thanks for that. ISTR Lars did NOT get it working.

    MY OS2DASD DANIxxx etc are all from ECS2.2 beta so are well up to date :>(no later changes to those that I am aware of)

    I checked for firmware changes. Turns out it is a Samsung box and
    thatthere is just one firmware upgrade (from June 2011). Made no

    On Thu, 3 Mar 2016, Pete wrote:

    Hi Barry

    Barry Landy wrote:
    Just a progress report.

    Apart from making one coaster, not much!

    I looked at ibms506$ and atapi$ which made it seem that Dani software :>:>> had claimed the CD/DVD drive, so...

    Reading again the doc files from the DANI installation, I added
    /RSJ /A:1 /U:1 /TYPE=W

    Shouldn't that be BASEDEV=DANIATAPI.FLT /A:1 /U:1 /RSJ if you are
    applying the rsj backdoor for the first unit on adapter 1 ?

    to daniatapi.flt

    made no difference.....

    I notice that

    a) I can successfully erase the CD/DVD
    b) if I write a small amount (<1Mb) to the CD or DVD I can finalise fine
    c) If I write more (a few 100 Mb) it keeps getting errors and only a :>:>> reboot will terminate the process.

    I seem to recall similar behaviour years ago here with a CDRW...

    I think that was resolved by updating os2dasd.dmd - and possibly some other
    related drivers.

    It might be worth checking what the buildlevel of drivers involved are ie :>:>os2dasd.dmd, danis506.add, daniatap(i).flt and comparing those with the :>:>bldlevels Lars is using as he seems to have the same burner working.

    It may also be worth checking the manufacturers website for a firmware update
    - SB00 looks like an initial firmware release.



    Here is a copy from some of my notes that I keep in the RSJ backup

    Required drivers:

    rem ***RSJ***
    RUN=D:\CDWFS\CDWFSD.EXE -p "e:/temp" -c20000 -b2048 -t2 -i3 -s0

    Note: Add the RSJ backdoor to Daniatapi.flt depending on writer
    adapter and unit.


    Notes taken from rsj readme

    * If the DANIATAPI.FLT driver is installed, the user can choose if he
    wants to install our RSJIDECD.FLT driver, since DANIATAPI provides
    a similar functionality for enabling write access to IDE recorders.

    DANIATAPI.FLT also has the ability to emulate SCSI devices. Since
    our LOCKCDR.FLT driver does - among other things - the same, it is
    possible to not use LOCKCDR.FLT if DANIATAPI is properly installed.
    Again, please read the information in the DANIATAPI.DOC file to
    find out how.

    LOCKCDR.FLT performs dynamic recorder detection during boot time. If
    do not use it, you have to manually edit the cddrv.inf file.

    Note: Copy the Dummy entry in cddrv.inf (use epm with mono font to get
    the spacing). Paste it in position for the drive and fill in the
    information (keep correct spacing!!!!)


    End of notes.

    I don't know if this will help but it works for my 5.05 retail


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