• Maximize FTP-PM

    From A.D. Fundum@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jul 13 14:32:45 2016
    What's a quick & dirty way to maximize a FTP-PM session by default?

    I presume that the setup string "MAXIMIZE=YES" will work, but a FTP-PM
    object will be an abstract object which you cannot drop on a simple SysSetObjectData.CMD-file.

    It's not a requirement that e.g. a Rexx script can setup anything. A
    few FTP-PM objects are created manually already, but the template of
    FTP-PM has no "maximize" setting.

    The only goal is that the width of a FTP-PM session does not exceed
    the width of the screen. Maximizing the window is a way to achive his
    goal. An alternative may be that a FTP-PM object remembers its window
    size and position.


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