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    This message is for those who will be saved. Listen to the
    contrast between the false Christian, and the true, circumcised
    heart, of the life changed from within by Jesus Christ:

    From 15:10+

    God has a new relationship in store for you. No longer the
    God you've mocked. He is opening your eyes to see Him as
    He is, with a consuming fire that will purge your soul, and
    bring about real change that will endure.

    God awaits you, oh sleeper.

    I was asked this today by someone in email:

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    Xyz wrote:
    If God can do everything why does He need any of us to do something?

    My reply:

    He doesn't. We are invited to be a part of His Kingdom. It is a gift,
    but it is also part of His plan.

    Consider: If you were wealthy, and had great skill, you could build vast buildings, large campuses, fill them with machines and devices to build all manner of things from chairs and shoes to superconductors and everything in- between. But, you would not want to build everything and do everything all
    by yourself alone. You would want to hire people to come and do work in
    your buildings, with your machines. It would be to your credit what you did
    in building everything, but it would also be lonely to do it alone. You
    would want companionship, fellowship, and for people to see what you have

    God created the whole universe. He has purposes for fellowship with us on those scales.

    We (mankind) were the only beings of all creation made in His image and likeness. We literally look like God, just as your child would look like
    you. Your child wouldn't look like a dog or a deer or a fish, and even
    though God created angels and planets and gold and dolphins and horses and everything else, we were the only creation made in His own image and

    God is creating for Himself a family. He made Adam first, and he was alone. God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone," so He put Adam to sleep
    and took a rib and made a woman for Adam and brought her to him... the first marriage. Flash-forward to Jesus' death at the cross, and the thing He did there on the cross was take away the sin of those who put their faith in
    Him, so that they could be saved. The last thing that was done to Him
    before He was taken down from that cross was for Him to be poked in the side after He died, and out came blood and water, the very thing that comes out during a new birth. Jesus, by His own death at the cross, birthed all of
    those who believe in Him to eternity. We are called "the bride of Christ"
    in the Bible, which means He made for Himself a bride, which was also taken
    out of His own side at the cross in His death. He purified us and made us spotless by His own grace and mercy, so that we could be with Him rightly
    in Heaven.

    We are all sinful wicked evil people. Even if we're not that way all the
    time, there are times when we do horrible things. But God is and remains perfect. He could not have a bride for Himself that was basically a cheap woman, one undeserving of honor because of her bad behavior. So, God has
    made His own bride completely spotless by His own sanctification.

    There is such a teaching here, Xyz. It's the greatest conveyance of love
    and creation we could ever know. It is God Himself making Himself a bride,
    and making her full of honor and glory and chastity, which is that which
    Christ gives us at the cross.

    Rick C. Hodgin

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