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    On Thu, 17 Aug 2017 15:47:14 UTC, "Rick C. Hodgin" wrote:
    The concept of Jesus is an almost exact plagiarism of Horus, Attis, Mithra, Krishna, Dionysus, amongst others, all preceeding Jesus by hundreds of
    years and in the case of Horus, thousands of years.

    If you were wrong about that belief, would you want to know the truth?

    Thank you,
    Rick C. Hodgin

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    On Thu, 17 Aug 2017 15:47:14 UTC, "Rick C. Hodgin" <rick.c.hodgin@gmail.com> wrote:
    The concept of Jesus is an almost exact plagiarism of Horus, Attis, Mithra, Krishna, Dionysus, amongst others, all preceeding Jesus by hundreds of
    years and in the case of Horus, thousands of years. Your religious drivel
    has nothing to do with os2 apps, so please take it somewhere else. This is
    all I will say on the subject.

    Eternity begins when we leave this world. For some that means
    joy. For other it means terror.

    All of us will spend eternity somewhere. Unless your sin has
    been forgiven, for you it will be in the lake of fire writhing
    in agony and torment unending. It will consume your existence
    and overrun you completely. You'll never have another free
    thought, a moment of contemplation, a some real consideration,
    but the pain and agony and torture will consume everything about

    That is the end for all who reject the truth. Who refuse to
    acknowledge their sin, and who refuse to acknowledge they are
    in need of a savior.

    What Jesus offers you is eternity in the paradise of Heaven,
    face-to-face with God in a place He's prepared for you, in an
    immortal body. God is offering to give you the Kingdom.

    Total forgiveness for your sin is found only in Him. He is
    willing to completely restore you to Himself in eternity.
    It is even His good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. He will
    do this for all who will hear the truth, who will acknowledge
    their own sin, and ask Him to forgive them. There will be no
    one who comes to Him who is cut off or cast out. The only souls
    who will be cut off are those who who, by their hard heart, refuse
    to accept Him, to come to Him and ask forgiveness. Such people
    totally deny the truth, and Hell was created to hold all manner
    of falseness in a fully and completely self-contained space. All
    who enter in to Hell will never return, because they are a cancer
    upon truth, serving only the needs of falseness ... which, like
    cancer, continue to eat away at all that is good until it is
    perverted and destroyed, and that God will not abide in His
    Kingdom, in eternity in His House.

    Jesus has gone ahead and prepared a place for you. It is a place
    in Heaven. It is beautiful and glorious. He's put your name on
    it and reserved it for you. He's done this so you can go there
    and be with Him where He is in all things forever. You've been
    provided for. Well taken care of. Looked after. And it will
    continue to go on. No more struggling. No more heartache or
    trials or pains or sufferings. The old ways will have passed in
    Heaven, having been resigned only to our existence here.

    God wants us thriving and living and shining and blossoming and
    doing great and wonderful things worthy of His creation in us.
    He wants more than anything to forgive us and restore us to this
    purposeful intent He had for us before sin entered in to this
    world and your life and destroyed everything.

    All you have to do is acknowledge that you're a sinner, and ask
    Him to forgive you, and believe in your heart that He is capable
    of doing this. How is it possible? It is logical. Jesus went
    to the cross sinless. God the Father supernaturally reached
    across all time and put the sin of all who would believe on the
    name of Jesus onto Him at the cross.

    Jesus died here on Earth in the body with our sin charged to Him.
    This made Him pay for sin in our place. He became our sacrifice,
    so that God would pour out the punishment He demands for sin upon
    His own Son, rather than upon us. In so doing, He set us free
    from judgment! Jesus gets judged in our place, and we are released
    from God's judgment and are not judged, but are gifted the fullness
    of Christ's own righteousness. We are made spotless and perfect by
    what Jesus did at the cross. Jesus is consumed of God, and we are
    set free.

    Please note: Jesus did this willingly! It was His choice to do
    this for us because He loves us and wants us to be with Him. But,
    He wants us to recognize our place. We are not taking advantage of
    Him by receiving His offering. It is literally THE reason He came
    into the world ... to save that which was lost (us) to sin. But it
    comes with real knowledge, a real acknowledgement of who He is and
    who we are not.

    This pastor does an excellent job of describing this here (begins
    at 34:56, at 35:50, at 38:18, at 40:13, at 40:55. I would advise
    you to listen to it. What He teaches here are God's words of
    life given so that we might be redeemed.

    God doesn't want us tricked or fooled or deceived by the devil.
    He wants us to follow Him and to know the truth. He wants us to
    overcome the devil by our faith in Him, and by Him saving us,
    and giving us the new nature which comes with salvation, that
    thing which is achievable no other way, but only by His completed
    work at the cross:


    "In 2 Cor 5, Jesus goes from the essence of God to the
    essence of sin. How far apart is that? From the
    essence of God to the essence of sin? That's the
    love of God. 2 Corinthians 5:17+ to the end of the

    "What's going on here? That we might be made the
    righteousness of God in Him. He made Him to be sin,
    not a sinner, but sin. It's why God turned His back
    on Him. And [Jesus] cried from the cross, 'My God,
    My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?' In plainer words,
    from the highest possible place, the essence of God,
    to the lowest possible place on this Earth. You can't
    get any lower than that. When He died on the cross,
    He died there as the essence of sin. 'Father, into
    thy hands I commend my spirit' [Jesus said]. That's a
    wonderful thing, because it tells me that He who spared
    not His only Son, who offered Him up for us all..."

    The God of the Second Chance. He instructs you. He
    will chasten you go guide you as a good father would
    his son whom he loves.

    He'll chasten you. He'll forgive you. He'll love you.
    He'll fellowship with you. He'll walk with you. He'll
    commune with you. You're His son/daughter. And all He
    wants you to do is acknowledge that, come back to Him
    and say, "Lord I need your strength, there's a sin that
    besets me, there's a sin I'm having a hard time getting
    a victory over. I need you Lord, I need your strength.
    I need your forgiveness." And it'll come. It'll come.
    It'll come from a gracious heart. He's a longsuffering
    God. And you'll learn after years of that ... it'll
    build your faith. It will strengthen your walk with God.


    "You'll begin to understand the graciousness of one who
    allowed sin to come into the universe to begin with.
    You gotta get that nailed down in your soul. He did
    not react to the entrance of sin. Known unto God are
    all of His works. And then you begin to understand
    something about the one who allowed it to happen in the
    beginning so that He would teach an unforgettable lesson
    to His creation, because they would learn something about
    God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost that they
    could never learn any other way. And when the day comes
    that you ever stand in His presence, you'll jump up and
    down and shout and glorify God and say 'Hallelujah!
    Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I don't deserve to be here,
    but You've been good to me. Hallelujah to God!'
    Hallelujah! He's been a good God. You'll sing with the
    redeemed and you'll shout and rejoice because you know
    the one that's sitting on that Throne. And He is worthy!
    He's worthy of our praise and our adoration. Because we
    know Him. He's proven Himself to us. He's lifted us
    from the dunghill to very Palace of the King."

    Ask Jesus to forgive your sin today, and enter in to eternity
    as a living soul. Leave the fate of the judged and condemned.
    There will be no returning from that final judgment, and that
    final condemnation to the lake of fire where every soul cast
    in will spend a conscious eternity in writhing agony and utter
    torment because they totally rejected the truth. It is the
    sufficient "prison" God created for an eternal being made in
    the image and likeness of God, with the real power and authority
    He affords us by our very design and nature in His creation.
    On this Earth a lion is a fierce creation capable of much because
    of how he's put together. We are made in the image and likeness
    of God and we are powerful creations. And to constrain those in
    this children-of-God form, nothing less than Hell would suffice,
    and what He created as Hell is wholly sufficient to keep all evil,
    all sin, all falseness out of His universe forever. Nothing that
    enters in to the lake of fire will ever escape. No not ever. It
    is the ongoing death that never ebbs, but is the full containment
    for eternal beings who cannot die, in a place where they can do no
    harm to the rest of God's creation.

    This is your salvation in Jesus Christ. He is saving from that
    end. Jesus is offering you everything for free. All you have to
    do is ask Him and you can be released from judgment, released from condemnation and live forever in an angel-like body, with unlimited resources, under the ongoing tutelage of an infinite God who has so
    many more things to teach us in this vast universe He created ...
    we've only scratched the surface of the surface here in this world
    and in our Earthly understanding. What remains is infinite, because
    the God who created it is infinite.

    Do not enter into judgment in eternity over matters of selfish and
    foolish pride, or over a particular lust over some thing here in
    this world that you don't want to give up. What is coming for us
    in eternity is so much better than what we have today that they
    could not even be weighted on the same scale.

    Choose the way of truth, and of life. Cast off the devil's shiny
    trinkets of traps and snares. Say no to his apparent nice things
    which are only veils for death. Ask Jesus to forgive your sin and
    feel the weight of God's eternal judgment come off of you in a way
    that you can feel. And feel the new life enter in to your soul in
    a way that you can feel. And feel His free gift of eternity assert
    itself within your soul in a way that you can feel. What He gives
    you by way of a full pardon ... it is tangible, and it's more than
    a prisoner would feel when he's let go from prison, because you are
    that prisoner, and you'll be let go from an eternal prison

    I love you so much that I'm willing to teach you all of this at
    the expense it will cost me ... but even with my loss to you in
    the cases where there is loss, it is to my greater gain for those
    who do hear. And know this: Jesus loves you far more than I do
    because He is Love literally, and He is capable of loving you in
    a full, complete, and eternal way even right now.

    Ask Him to forgive your sin. Do it today. Right now. This very
    second. Choose eternity. Choose life. Choose truth. And make
    the choice for you, your family, your friends, your co-workers.
    Lead them all to this same glorious end of living in the paradise
    of Heaven with God in a body like the angels, with a home in a
    place where even the streets are paved with gold, and how much
    more so the beautiful things?

    Give yourself permission to be set free from your sin. Give
    yourself permission to come to Jesus and ask Him to forgive you.
    Give yourself permission to receive this, His greatest gift for
    you. And act on that decision right now.

    Love you,
    Rick C. Hodgin

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  • From Rick C. Hodgin@21:1/5 to Rick C. Hodgin on Thu Aug 17 13:32:10 2017
    On 8/17/2017 1:06 PM, Rick C. Hodgin wrote:
    On 8/17/2017 1:04 PM, Mr. G wrote:
    The concept of Jesus is an almost exact plagiarism of Horus, Attis,
    Krishna, Dionysus, amongst others, all preceeding Jesus by hundreds of
    years and in the case of Horus, thousands of years.

    If you were wrong about that belief, would you want to know the truth?

    Here's a pastor's teaching that addresses your thinking on whether
    or not the Bible is trustworthy and accurate and foundational as
    an original source:


    You have to remember that the things that exist exist. Satan
    cannot create anything new. All He can do is take what God
    created and then twist its intent, give it a purported new
    meaning, and so on.

    Because Satan cannot create anything new he's severely handicapped
    in how he can operate, but if he can get people believing that the
    things of God are not the things of God, but are copies of some
    other things ... then that lie steals your soul.

    You have to look at who the adversary is, and acknowledge him in
    his capacity and regard ... but at the same time, you have to
    personally look at who Jesus is, what truth is (who truth is),
    and acknowledge Him in His capacity and regard.

    You'll find the Bible is authoritative and reliable. You'll find
    there are no holes in it. You'll find everything God has given us
    in scripture makes sense ... it's just that some of it requires
    some rather advanced understanding of the things of God to have it
    make sense, because just as a four-year old can't understand how
    you push a button here and the rocket launches over there, once a
    student goes through the learning curve and understands electricity
    and wires and control circuitry and liquid fuel and so on, then it
    make sense to them logically. Until that time, the four-year old
    must simply accept it on faith that pressing the "Launch" button
    will engage the rocket.

    For us, the Bible is understood easily enough that we can come to
    a full knowledge of saving faith. You need only ask yourself two

    1) Am I a sinner?
    2) If God is truth, and He's said He will judge sin, will
    He judge sin? More fundamentally: What would truth do
    if truth said it would do something?

    The answer to 1) is obvious. We are all sinners. The answer to
    2) comes only from an ability to receive truth as fundamental and
    explicit. And for all people with regards to Jesus, that's where
    the rubber meets the road. People will either believe there is a
    true, foundational, rudimentary form called truth that cannot be
    broken down to further constituent components ... or they won't.

    As I have said many times: The message of the cross and the
    teachings of the Bible are for those who are being saved, and
    them only. It is not given for other people.

    Thank you,
    Rick C. Hodgin

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