• VX-REXX & Directory()

    From A.D. Fundum@21:1/5 to All on Thu Apr 28 16:48:00 2016
    Create a new VX-REXX project, press <F6>, select the section "Init"
    and insert a line like this (before the RETURN-line):

    SAY Directory()

    Next create and save the EXE in folder X (e.g. C:\TEMP) , and close
    VX-REXX. There is no need to save the project files.

    Now open folder Y, and drag a WPS file object (e.g. C:\CONFIG.SYS) to
    the saved EXE in folder X.

    The expected result of this test is that the EXE will display
    CONFIG.SYS' C:\, but is that also the expected result? I'd presume
    that C:\TEMP\TEST.EXE is executed, and that C:\CONFIG.SYS is nothing
    but a common argument/parameter.


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