• WPI scripts (FTR)

    From A.D. Fundum@21:1/5 to All on Wed Nov 25 19:31:42 2015
    Recently I've un-WPI'ed several WPI files, e.g. to avoid having to
    backup a 50 MiB FF directory and a 40 MiB installer. 50 MiB and an
    INSTALL.CMD is less than 90 MiB.

    If a WPI script was hardly more than a basic INSTALL.CMD, then I did
    notice a few common possible errors, compared with other installers.

    1. Attempts to change the (WPS) name or the icon of a WPShadow are
    probably ignored.

    Possible solution for developers: change the (WPS) settings of the
    original object before creating a WPShadow of this original object.

    2. CONFIG.SYS is modified too often, when SET foo=bar is involved.

    Possbile solution for developers: add SET foo=bar to the WPS setup
    string. A disadvantage is that you cannot see such a setting easily,
    albeit there's hardly a need to see settings like SET TERMINFO=... It
    may be damned easy to modify CONFIG.SYS. But sometimes not modifying
    CONFIG.SYS is even easier, and it may avoid a reboot before your
    product can be used.


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