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    FTR: even modern products like FF/SM (in MozSounds.CMD) still are
    using OS2ENVIRONMENT instead of ENVIRONMENT, but any Y2K-proof version
    of the OS should support ENVIRONMENT.

    1. Using ENVIRONMENT saves a few bytes, at least once.

    2. The portability of Rexx scripts will improve by using ENVIRONMENT.

    3. The manual (HELP REXX VALUE) could be modernized too, by not using OS2ENVIRONMENT in all examples anymore.

    4. If one of your users still claims to use (i.e. owns an installed)
    Microsoft Operrating System/2, with an OS2ENVIRONMENT and without an ENVIRONMENT, then this user is probably not actually using that OS to
    read this article. You can use OS2ENVIRONMENT, but ENVIRONMENT is a
    better default since Y2K-releases.

    5. If you're going to use an utility, like Batch Editor, to replace
    all OS2ENVIRONMENTs in your *.CMD files, then don't use the free disk
    space as an indicator of the number of gained bytes. Tokenized code in
    EAs may have been deleted by editing a Rexx file, so the gained free
    disk space per match of 3 bytes can be far more (e.g. 64 KiB) than the
    size of 0 or 1 file system block.


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