• NetWare 6.5 Compatible Server?

    From Grant Taylor@21:1/5 to markspence09@gmail.com on Mon May 7 19:55:23 2018
    On 05/07/2018 03:40 PM, markspence09@gmail.com wrote:
    I have a network which I support that uses Netware 6.5 going back to 3.11.

    Wow. I've not heard of NetWare still in production use in about five years.

    Are there an inexpensive server that I could load 6.5 on?

    I suspect you're going to find that NetWare won't like newer hardware.

    I also think you'll find that NetWare runs fairly well in
    virtualization. Do be mindful of the CPU Idle programs. I've
    personally played with NW 4, 5, and 6 in VM. Different hypervisors did different things better.

    Hypervisors suggest a single vCPU. (I don't think any of the idlers
    that I've seen support more than one vCPU.) You can add more vCPUs,
    it's just that they will run as fast as possible and consume non-trivial
    amount of CPU on the host.

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