• restoring CentralPoint Backup cpbackup files!!

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    On Saturday, March 14, 2009 at 8:44:29 PM UTC-5, Rugxulo wrote:
    On Mar 14, 5:59 pm, Raymond <ray...@gmail.com> wrote:

    I am trying to restore some files backed up using CentralPoint PC
    Tools v8/9 backup program, cpbackup.

    The disk is fine, and I have the program (using cpbackup v9). But when
    I try to run pctool's cpbackup, it fails with an

    runtime error r6003
    divide by zero

    Searching online, the divide by zero error code sometimes occurs when
    old DOS programs tries to determine timing delay by running a loop. On modern fast computers, the loop runs really fast hence the error. I
    tried a delaying program, MoSlow inside the DOS VM, no luck. Either I
    get the same error or it stucks at reading disk..
    As mentioned, DOSBox would probably help here, esp. since it's already
    slow (and can be adjusted for speed), heh. Or you can try the
    "r200fix" TSR from here (although I'm unsure that will work, but if
    your description is correct, it will) : http://kannegieser.net/veit/programm/index_e.htm ftp://ftp.sac.sk/pub/sac/utilprog/r200fix.zip (binary only, no
    Has anyone tried to restore old cpbackup archives? I also tried
    Virtual PC and didn't have much luck either. Are there any programs
    out there that will read cpbackup files?
    I don't know if this will work, but you can try it : http://www.mindprod.com/products4.html#RESTORE
    I guess if I manage to find a working 486 with a floppy drive, I may
    get my data back, but I dont know anyone who still have computer that old...
    I have such a machine (and similar), but I doubt shipping it there and
    back is cost effective. ;-)
    Hi! I have 16 cpbackup.0XX (CPBACKUP.001, CPBACKUP.002 ..... CPBACKUP.016) files, 1 CPBACKUP.DIR file and 1 CPBACKUP.xxx file and have been looking for a way to restore them since 1998. They used to be in 1.4M diskettes. Is there anyone that can
    restore them for me? They only have some vacation photos in Canada that I have not been able to see.

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