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    On Monday, 18 November 1996 21:00:00 UTC+13, Vidar S. Ramdal wrote:
    Does anyone know if Dave Williams, the author of the famous DOS
    reference, has got a home page or just an e-mail address?
    I too am more than a little curious if anyone has ever successfully seen the registered version of this book. I see there is a print version from 1990 available, but I'd love to see the 1994 DOSREF 3.4 "registered version".

    While I'm sure there are actually quite a few more up to date references that cover the later chapters of this book, I'd love to read the rest of the book.

    ...but I wouldn't mind knowing if David Williams still exists before doing something crazy like sending a cheque to a mailing address from 1992.

    I have recently attempted to track down Mr. Williams. I feel like I have located him, but I fear he may be lost. He seems to have dropped over the electronic landscape sometime in 2010?

    This looks like a mirror of his web site. How did I tie it to him? Well, there is a BBS the author of DOSREF maintained and the phone number of it appears on this person's site as well for a BBS they maintained... and they both have the name Dave
    Williams and live in the same town in Arkansas. The odd thing about the site is it leans heavily on engine repairing and stuff, not PCs! However there is a section that does speak of it. But he only mentions in passing that he wrote 2 books and once
    wrote for a PC magazine.



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    Guys, this ebooks avail on the Anna's Archive, can't post link here , google it.
    just search as "Programmer's Technical Reference for MSDOS"

    It is a .zip file and text says "registered User version" , no idea what version BTW

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