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    Dear c.o.m.p,

    Thank you for book recommendations in the past. I have been reading the following books recently. These are just some words on the first
    impressions, maybe I'll write comprehensive reviews later; or not.

    * IBM PC Assembly Language and Programming, fifth edition, by Peter Abel

    This book is a good introduction to assembly programming for the x86 architecture. It starts with 16bit stuff, and also has some 32bit stuff
    in it. I have not read enough of it to provide a comprehensive review
    yet. It's refreshed my memory on a lot of things I've forgotten about
    assembly programming, and taught me things I never knew.

    * DOS and Windows Protected Mode, by Al Williams

    This book is a great introduction to protected mode programming, for
    both the 286 and 386 protected mode; including Windows 3.1. It covers
    many DOS extenders, including DOS/4GW which is what I believe CauseWay
    is compatible with [1]. For historical purposes, it's also a fun read.
    Its bibliography led me to the following book.

    I believe T. Ment recommended it; thank you.

    * Advanced 80386 Programming Techniques, by James Turley.

    This is a really great coverage of the protected mode, and what it's
    really all about. After reading this, I understand pretty well what
    the protected environment on the 386 and later CPUs actually do, and
    how it differs from real mode. It describes in details the hardware facilities, but fails to mention the performance cost; which is why
    many/most contemporary operating systems didn't make use of them. I
    believe modern operating systems don't either [2].

    I got my copy from the author, email available at https://jimturley.com/

    [1] CauseWay is what I use for my own projects so far, as some of you
    may or may not remember.

    [2] But that's a story for a different time.
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