• gcc-10.2.0

    From [via djgpp@delorie.com]" @21:1/5 to DJGPP List (E-mail) on Fri Jul 24 17:14:36 2020
    Building gcc-10.2.0 now for DJGPP.

    Cross-compiler build for ArchLinux AUR (aur.archlinux.org) is already available:
    https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/djgpp-gcc/. RPM packages are also built but not uploaded yet.

    That build for ArchLinux took 3 minutes and 9 seconds time on AMD Ryzen 3950X (I used -j24 not
    -j32): Last DJGPP native build for DJGPP of gcc-10.1.0 took slightly more than 12 hours on my old
    Lenovo notebook (Core 2 Duo T5870, Windows Vista Business). I guess that difference is much greater
    than difference of performance of both CPUs. So if there will be no unexpected problems I could
    could some build tomorrow morning.

    Preparing for making ZIP packages for DJGPP: renaming files, creating header.gcc files, removing
    unnecessary files etc. is now done with C++ program instead of old PERL script even if that PERL
    script has not yet removed only "collected some mold", This C++ program used std::filesystem so we
    can do at lesat some check that it actually works.


    PS. The problem that prevented use of build of gcc-10.1.0 with LFN disabled or not available should
    be fixed in upcoming build

    PS2. For impatient ones sources are available at GitHub: https://github.com/apavenis/djgpp-gcc

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