• ANNOUNCE: DJGPP port of Library MNG 2.0.3 uploaded.

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    This is a port of Library MNG 2.0.3 to MSDOS/DJGPP.

    The libmng library supports decoding, displaying, encoding, and various
    other manipulations of the Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) format
    image files. It uses the zlib compression library, and optionally the
    JPEG library by the Independant JPEG Group (IJG) and/or
    lcms (little cms), a color-management library by Marti Maria Saguer.

    For thr license see the license file.

    DJGPP specific changes.

    The port has been adjusted and fixed to be compiled with DJGPP 2.0X (CVS
    repository code). Please note that the sources may not be compilable if
    LFN support is not available.

    All DJGPP specific stuff is stored in the "djgpp" directory.

    To configure, compile and to use the package you will have to install the
    following packages:
    Of course, you can always download newer versions of these ports if available.

    The source package has been configured to be build in the "0build" directory
    located under the top source directory. If for some reason you need to
    reconfigure the sources delete the complete contain of the "0build" directory
    and run the following command:
    ..\djgpp\config.bat ./..

    Here is an extract of the ChangeLog file showing the user visible changes
    from the last port (Library MNG 0.0.0) to this one:


    This is the first port. Read the documentation.


    The port consists of the usual two packages that have been produced using
    djdev20X (CVS repository code) and can be downloaded from ftp.delorie.com
    and mirrors as (time stamp 2022-12-28):

    Library MNG 2.0 headers, libs and man format documentation:

    Library MNG 2.0 source:

    Send Library MNG specific bug reports to
    Send suggestions and bug reports concerning the DJGPP port to
    comp.os.msdos.djgpp or <djgpp@delorie.com>.


    Guerrero, Juan Manuel <juan.guerrero@gmx.de>

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