• ANNOUNCE: DJGPP port of library lcms2 2.14 uploaded.

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    This is a port of library lcms2 2.14 to MSDOS/DJGPP.

    The little cms library intends to be a small-footprint, speed optimized color
    management engine in open source form written in C.
    Here some features taken from the information provided by the lcms home page
    Basic features:
    Widely portable.
    Easy to use.
    Small, tight code.
    Fast, optimized for speed.
    Handles a wide range pixel formats.
    Implements ICC spec 4.2
    Profile to profile and multiprofile transforms.
    Supports all kind of profiles, including named color
    PostScript CSA and CRD generation

    Advanced features:
    Full multicolor support, including proof direction in more than 4 inks.
    Black preservation on CMYK->CMYK transforms.
    Gamut checking.
    Precalculated device link transforms with prelinearization step.
    Virtual Gray, RGB profiles.
    CIECAM02 appearance model.
    Can write profiles as well.
    Built-In profiles.
    Specialized abstract virtual profiles.
    Ink limiting.

    Please note that this is a library only for programmers. If you do not
    understand all these, you do not need the port. lcms is a CMM engine;
    it implements fast transforms between ICC (international color consortium)
    profiles. lcms is NOT a file format or display library. lcms knows nothing
    about how to display bitmaps (JPEG, TIFF, GIF or whatever).

    DJGPP specific changes.

    The port has been adjusted and fixed to be compiled with DJGPP 2.0X (CVS
    repository code). Please note that the sources may not be compilable if
    LFN support is not available.

    All DJGPP specific stuff is stored in the "djgpp" directory.

    To configure and compile the package you will have to install the following
    Of course, you can always download newer versions of these ports if available.

    The source package has been configured to be build in the "0build" directory
    located under the top source directory. If for some reason you need to
    reconfigure the sources delete the complete contain of the "0build" directory
    and run the following command:
    ..\djgpp\config.bat ./..

    Here is an extract of the ChangeLog file showing the user visible changes
    from the last port (library lcms2 2.12) to this one:


    2.14 Featured release
    lcms2 now implements ICC specification 4.4
    New multi-threaded plug-in
    several fixes to keep fuzzers happy
    Remove check on DLL when CMS_NO_REGISTER_KEYWORD is used
    Added more validation against broken profiles
    Add more help to several tools

    2.13.1 Hot fix
    Fix for pure white going gray in grayscale transforms.

    2.13 Featured release
    Added support for premultiplied alpha
    tifficc can now handle alpha channels, both unassociated and premultiplied Better documentation
    CGATS parser can now deal with very long strings
    Added Projects for Visual Studio 2020
    Travis CI discontinued, GitHub actions used instead
    Added a very preliminar meson build script (thanks to xclaesse)
    Added ARM64 target to visual studio 2019 (thanks to gaborkertesz-linaro)
    Added thread safe code to get time
    Added automatic linear space detection
    Added cmsGetStageContextID function
    Added cmsDetectRGBProfileGamma function
    configure now accepts --without-fastfloat to turn plugin off
    autogen.sh has now a --distclean toggle to get rid of all autotools generated files
    Checked to work on STM32 Cortex-A, Cortex-M families
    Bug & typos fixing (thanks to many reporters and contributors)


    The port consists of the usual three packages that have been produced using
    djdev20X (CVS repository code) and can be downloaded from ftp.delorie.com
    and mirrors as (time stamp 2022-12-28):

    library lcms2 2.14 binaries, headers, libs and man format documentation:

    library lcms2 2.14 pdf format documentation:

    library lcms2 2.14 source:

    Send library lcms2 specific bug reports to
    Send suggestions and bug reports concerning the DJGPP port to
    comp.os.msdos.djgpp or <djgpp@delorie.com>.


    Guerrero, Juan Manuel <juan.guerrero@gmx.de>

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