• Re: How to unsubscribe?

    From DJ Delorie@21:1/5 to djgpp@delorie.com on Thu Dec 1 12:42:36 2022
    "Patryk Matusiak (watermelonpl@outlook.com) [via djgpp@delorie.com]" <djgpp@delorie.com> writes:
    How to unsubscribe from this list? I’ve been sending unsubscribe
    emails to listserv@delorie.com 3 times almost every month, and I’m
    still subscribed

    If all else fails, email me personally and I fix it, which I have :-)

    However, I checked the logs, and your last email was nothing but a page
    or two of html, with no text in it, so no surprise the listserv (which
    is a really dumb program) had trouble with it.

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