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    That's what allegro building manual told to do (build with DJGPP)
    And yes, make, GCC all comes from DJGPP

    So you are building with DJGPP GCC, not with Watcom? Or what am I

    And which versions of Make and GCC?

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    How to fix make crashing with SIGABRT error on every platform I try
    to build something on? (Now, I'm trying on Windows XP Professional
    SP3 x86 and trying to build allegro lib to use with Watcom C)


    The size of the stack trace seems to indicate that make is in a
    deep recursive call of functions. Unter certain conditions still
    unclear to me, this may lead to a punctual corruption of certain
    tables used by the nmalloc system because local variables that
    should be stored on stack are placed in the nmalloc tables. Later
    if a realloc() or a free() is issued, this table corruption is
    detected by the nmalloc system rising the SIGABRT. I do not have
    neither the time nor the knowledge to fix this issue, so I have
    decided to replace the make port by a new one that uses the old
    malloc system used in djdev203.
    If you are still interested, you can download it as:
    and give it a try to see if this does really solve the issue.

    I have compiled Allegro 4.2.2 in 2007-09-08 and uploaded the produced
    zip files to ftp.delorie.com. I do not remember what version of the
    DJGPP toolchain I have used in those days, but as far as I remember
    Allegro 4.2.2 was the last version with DOS/DJGPP support at all.
    If a current version can be compiler with DJGPP or Watcom C is unclear
    to me. I assume that a major porting effort will be required.

    Juan M. Guerrero

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