• ANNOUNCE: DJGPP port of Libxml2 2.9.14 uploaded

    From [via djgpp-announce@delorie.com]" <@21:1/5 to All on Mon May 16 20:21:17 2022
    This is a port of Libxml2 2.9.14 to MSDOS/DJGPP.

    Libxml2 is the XML C parser and toolkit developed for the Gnome
    project (but usable outside of the Gnome platform), it is free
    software available under the MIT License.

    DJGPP specific changes.

    - There are no user visible changes. Only small changes have been
    done to get the library compiled, when no socket library like
    Watt-32 is available. Also some minor IO stuff needed to be

    - The port has been configured and compiled to provide build-in
    support for zlib and LZMA handling. The required libraries are
    available as:
    ftp://ftp.delorie.com/pub/djgpp/current/v2tk/zlb1212b.zip and:

    - If you want to enable either the FTP and/or the HTTP build-in
    support, you will have to install the Watt-32 port and reconfigure
    and rebuild the library from scratch. The port of the Watt-32
    library is available as:

    - If you want to enable ICONV build-in support, you will have to
    install the iconv port and configure and rebuild the library.
    The port of the iconv library is available as:

    - The documentation is only available as a large set of html documents
    and their file names are not 8.3 clean. You will need LFN support
    to install them, although I do not know if html formated
    documentation makes any sense on plain DOS.

    - The port has been configured and compiled on WinXP SP3, Win98SE and
    MS-DOS 7.10 with DOSLFN 0.41c. There is no guarantee that this may
    be possible with any other DOS-like OS. Due to the use of long file
    names it will not be possible to configure and compile without LFN
    support. Especially, the test suite has LFN issues. The port has
    been compiled using gcc346 and bnu2351b.

    As usual, all djgpp specific files (diffs, README files, etc.) are
    stored in the "djgpp" directory. The sources have been configured to
    be build in the "0build" directory. If for some reason it does not
    work for you, delete it contents and configure from scratch again.

    Please read the docs to become familiar with this product.

    Here is an extract of the NEWS file showing the user visible changes
    from the last port (Libxml2 2.9.9) to this one:


    v2.9.14: May 02 2022:
    - Security:
    [CVE-2022-29824] Integer overflow in xmlBuf and xmlBuffer
    Fix potential double-free in xmlXPtrStringRangeFunction
    Fix memory leak in xmlFindCharEncodingHandler
    Normalize XPath strings in-place
    Prevent integer-overflow in htmlSkipBlankChars() and
    xmlSkipBlankChars() (David Kilzer)
    Fix leak of xmlElementContent (David Kilzer)

    - Bug fixes:
    Fix parsing of subtracted regex character classes
    Fix recursion check in xinclude.c
    Reset last error in xmlCleanupGlobals
    Fix certain combinations of regex range quantifiers
    Fix range quantifier on subregex

    - Improvements:
    Fix recovery from invalid HTML start tags

    - Build system, portability:
    Define LFS macros before including system headers
    Initialize XPath floating-point globals
    configure: check for icu DEFS (James Hilliard)
    configure.ac: produce tar.xz only (GNOME policy) (David Seifert)
    Fix build with older Python versions
    Fix --without-valid build

    v2.9.13: Feb 19 2022:
    - Security:
    [CVE-2022-23308] Use-after-free of ID and IDREF attributes
    (Thanks to Shinji Sato for the report)
    Use-after-free in xmlXIncludeCopyRange (David Kilzer)
    Fix Null-deref-in-xmlSchemaGetComponentTargetNs (huangduirong)
    Fix memory leak in xmlXPathCompNodeTest
    Fix null pointer deref in xmlStringGetNodeList
    Fix several memory leaks found by Coverity (David King)

    - Fixed regressions:
    Fix regression in RelaxNG pattern matching
    Properly handle nested documents in xmlFreeNode
    Fix regression with PEs in external DTD
    Fix random dropping of characters on dumping ASCII encoded XML
    (Mohammad Razavi) Revert "Make schema validation fail with multiple
    top-level elements" Fix regression when parsing invalid HTML tags in
    push mode Fix regression parsing public IDs literals in HTML
    Fix buffering in xmlOutputBufferWrite
    Fix whitespace when serializing empty HTML documents
    Fix XPath recursion limit
    Fix regression in xmlNodeDumpOutputInternal
    Work around lxml API abuse

    - Bug fixes:
    Fix xmlSetTreeDoc with entity references
    Fix double counting of CRLF in comments
    Make sure to grow input buffer in xmlParseMisc
    Don't ignore xmllint options after "-"
    Don't normalize namespace URIs in XPointer xmlns() scheme
    Fix handling of XSD with empty namespace
    Also register HTML document nodes
    Make xmllint return an error if arguments are missing
    Fix handling of ctxt->base in xmlXPtrEvalXPtrPart
    Fix xmllint --maxmem
    Fix htmlReadFd, which was using a mix of xml and html context
    functions (Finn Barber) Move current position before possible calling
    of ctxt->sax->characters (Yulin Li) Fix parse failure when 4-byte
    character in UTF-16 BE is split across a chunk (David Kilzer) Patch to
    forbid epsilon-reduction of final states (Arne Becker) Avoid segfault
    at exit when using custom memory functions (Mike Dalessio)
    - Tests, code quality, fuzzing:
    Remove .travis.yml
    Make xmlFuzzReadString return a zero size in error case
    Fix unused function warning in testapi.c
    Update NewsML DTD in test suite
    Add more checks for malloc failures in xmllint.c
    Avoid potential integer overflow in xmlstring.c
    Run CI tests with UBSan implicit-conversion checks
    Fix casting of line numbers in SAX2.c
    Fix integer conversion warnings in hash.c
    Add explicit casts in runtest.c
    Fix integer conversion warning in xmlIconvWrapper
    Add suffix to unsigned constant in xmlmemory.c
    Add explicit casts in testchar.c
    Fix integer conversion warnings in xmlstring.c
    Add explicit cast in xmlURIUnescapeString
    Remove unused variable in xmlCharEncOutFunc (David King)

    - Build system, portability:
    Remove xmlwin32version.h
    Fix fuzzer test with VPATH build
    Support custom prefix when installing Python module
    Remove Makefile.win
    Remove CVS and SVN-related code
    Port python 3.x module to Windows and improve distutils (Chun-wei Fan)
    Correctly install the HTML examples into their subdirectory (Mattia
    Rizzolo) Refactor the settings of $docdir (Mattia Rizzolo)
    Remove unused configure checks (Ben Boeckel)
    python/Makefile.am: use *_LIBADD, not *_LDFLAGS for LIBS (Sam James)
    Fix check for libtool in autogen.sh
    Use version in configure.ac for CMake (Timothy Lyanguzov)
    Add CMake alias targets for embedded projects (Markus Rickert)

    - Documentation:
    Remove SVN keyword anchors
    Rework README
    Remove README.cvs-commits
    Remove old ChangeLog
    Update hyperlinks
    Remove README.docs
    Remove xmltutorial.pdf
    Upload documentation to GitLab pages
    Document how to escape XML_CATALOG_FILES
    Fix libxml2.doap
    Update URL for libxml++ C++ binding (Kjell Ahlstedt)
    Generate devhelp2 index file (Emmanuele Bassi)
    Mention XML_CATALOG_FILES is space-separated (Jan Tojnar)
    Add documentaiton for xmllint exit code 10 (Rainer Canavan)
    Fix some validation errors in the FAQ (David King)
    Add instructions on how to use CMake to compile libxml (Markus

    v2.9.12: May 13 2021:
    - Build system:
    Add fuzz.h and seed/regexp to EXTRA_DIST

    v2.9.11: May 13 2021:
    - Security:
    Patch for security issue CVE-2021-3541 (Daniel Veillard)

    - Documentation:
    Clarify xmlNewDocProp documentation (Nick Wellnhofer)

    - Portability:
    CMake: Only add postfixes if MSVC (Christopher Degawa),
    Fix XPath NaN/Inf for older GCC versions (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Use CMake PROJECT_VERSION (Markus Rickert),
    Fix warnings in libxml.m4 with autoconf 2.70+. (Simon Josefsson),
    Add CI for CMake on MSVC (Markus Rickert),
    Update minimum required CMake version (Markus Rickert),
    Add variables for configured options to CMake config files (Markus
    Rickert), Check if variables exist when defining targets (Markus
    Rickert), Check if target exists when reading target properties (Markus Rickert), Add xmlcatalog target and definition to config files (Markus Rickert), Remove include directories for link-only dependencies (Markus Rickert), Fix ICU build in CMake (Markus Rickert),
    Configure pkgconfig, xml2-config, and xml2Conf.sh file (Markus
    Rickert), Update CMake config files (Markus Rickert),
    Add xmlcatalog and xmllint to CMake export (Markus Rickert),
    Simplify xmlexports.h (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Require dependencies based on enabled CMake options (Markus Rickert),
    Use NAMELINK_COMPONENT in CMake install (Markus Rickert),
    Add CMake files to EXTRA_DIST (Markus Rickert),
    Add missing compile definition for static builds to CMake (Markus
    Rickert), Add CI for CMake on Linux and MinGW (Markus Rickert),
    Fix variable name in win32/configure.js (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix version parsing in win32/configure.js (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix autotools warnings (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Update config.h.cmake.in (Markus Rickert),
    win32: allow passing *FLAGS on command line (Michael Stahl),
    Configure file xmlwin32version.h.in on MSVC (Markus Rickert),
    List headers individually (Markus Rickert),
    Add CMake build files (Markus Rickert),
    Parenthesize Py<type>_Check() in ifs (Miro Hrončok),
    Minor fixes to configure.js (Nick Wellnhofer)

    - Bug Fixes:
    Fix null deref in legacy SAX1 parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix handling of unexpected EOF in xmlParseContent (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix line numbers in error messages for mismatched tags (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Fix htmlTagLookup (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Propagate error in xmlParseElementChildrenContentDeclPriv (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Fix user-after-free with `xmllint --xinclude --dropdtd`
    (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix dangling pointer with `xmllint --dropdtd` (Nick Wellnhofer), Validate UTF8 in xmlEncodeEntities (Joel Hockey),
    Fix use-after-free with `xmllint --html --push` (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Allow FP division by zero in xmlXPathInit (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix xmlGetNodePath with invalid node types (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix exponential behavior with recursive entities (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix quadratic behavior when looking up xml:* attributes (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Fix slow parsing of HTML with encoding errors (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Fix null deref introduced with previous commit (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Check for invalid redeclarations of predefined entities
    (Nick Wellnhofer), Add the copy of type from original xmlDoc in
    xmlCopyDoc() (SVGAnimate), parser.c: shrink the input buffer when
    appropriate (Mike Dalessio), Fix infinite loop in HTML parser
    introduced with recent commits (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix quadratic runtime
    when parsing CDATA sections (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix timeout when
    handling recursive entities (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix memory leak in xmlParseElementMixedContentDecl (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix null deref in xmlStringGetNodeList (Nick Wellnhofer), use new
    htmlParseLookupCommentEnd to find comment ends (Mike Dalessio), htmlParseComment: treat `--!>` as if it closed the comment (Mike
    Dalessio), Fix integer overflow in xmlSchemaGetParticleTotalRangeMin
    (Nick Wellnhofer), encoding: fix memleak in
    xmlRegisterCharEncodingHandler() (Xiaoming Ni), xmlschemastypes.c: xmlSchemaGetFacetValueAsULong add, check "facet->val" (Xiaoming Ni),
    Fix null pointer deref in xmlXPtrRangeInsideFunction (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix quadratic runtime in HTML push parser with null bytes (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Avoid quadratic checking of identity-constraints (Michael
    Matz), Fix building with ICU 68. (Frederik Seiffert), Convert
    python/libxml.c to PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN (Victor Stinner), Fix xmlURIEscape
    memory leaks. (Elliott Hughes), Avoid call stack overflow with XML
    reader and recursive XIncludes (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix caret in regexp
    character group (Nick Wellnhofer), parser.c: xmlParseCharData peek
    behavior fixed wrt newlines (Mike Dalessio), Fix memory leaks in
    XPointer string-range function (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix use-after-free
    when XIncluding text from Reader (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix SEGV in xmlSAXParseFileWithData (yanjinjq), Fix null deref in XPointer
    expression error path (Nick Wellnhofer), Don't call xmlXPathInit
    directly (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix cleanup of attributes in XML reader
    (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix double free in XML reader with XIncludes (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix memory leak in xmlXIncludeAddNode error paths (Nick Wellnhofer), Revert "Fix quadratic runtime in xi:fallback processing"
    (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix error reporting with xi:fallback (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Fix quadratic runtime in xi:fallback processing (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Fix corner case with empty xi:fallback (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix XInclude regression introduced with recent commit (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Fix memory leak in runtest.c (Nick Wellnhofer), Make
    "xmllint --push --recovery" work (Nick Wellnhofer), Revert "Do not URI
    escape in server side includes" (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix column number
    accounting in xmlParse*NameAndCompare (Nick Wellnhofer), Stop counting
    nbChars in parser context (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix out-of-bounds read
    with 'xmllint --htmlout' (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix exponential runtime and
    memory in xi:fallback processing (Nick Wellnhofer), Don't process
    siblings of root in xmlXIncludeProcess (Nick Wellnhofer), Don't recurse
    into xi:include children in xmlXIncludeDoProcess (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix
    memory leak in xmlXIncludeIncludeNode error paths (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Check for custom free function in global destructor (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix integer overflow when comparing schema dates (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix exponential runtime in xmlFARecurseDeterminism (Nick Wellnhofer), Don't
    try to handle namespaces when building HTML documents (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Fix several quadratic runtime issues in HTML push parser
    (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix quadratic runtime when push parsing HTML start
    tags (Nick Wellnhofer), Reset XML parser input before reporting errors
    (David Kilzer), Fix quadratic runtime when push parsing HTML entity
    refs (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix HTML push parser lookahead (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Make htmlCurrentChar always translate U+0000 (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Fix UTF-8 decoder in HTML parser (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix
    quadratic runtime when parsing HTML script content (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Reset HTML parser input before reporting error (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix
    more quadratic runtime issues in HTML push parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix regression introduced with 477c7f6a (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix
    quadratic runtime in HTML parser (Nick Wellnhofer), Reset HTML parser
    input before reporting encoding error (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix integer
    overflow in xmlFAParseQuantExact (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix return value of xmlC14NDocDumpMemory (Nick Wellnhofer), Don't follow next pointer on
    documents in xmlXPathRunStreamEval (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix integer
    overflow in _xmlSchemaParseGYear (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix integer
    overflow when parsing {min,max}Occurs (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix another
    memory leak in xmlSchemaValAtomicType (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix unsigned
    integer overflow in htmlParseTryOrFinish (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix integer overflow in htmlParseCharRef (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix undefined behavior
    in UTF16LEToUTF8 (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix return value of
    xmlCharEncOutput (Nick Wellnhofer), Never expand parameter entities in
    text declaration (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix undefined behavior in xmlXPathTryStreamCompile (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix use-after-free with
    validating reader (Nick Wellnhofer), xmlParseBalancedChunkMemory must
    not be called with NULL doc (Nick Wellnhofer), Revert "Fix memory leak
    in xmlParseBalancedChunkMemoryRecover" (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix memory
    leak in xmlXIncludeLoadDoc error path (Nick Wellnhofer), Make schema
    validation fail with multiple top-level elements (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Call xmlCleanupParser on ELF destruction (Samuel Thibault), Fix copying
    of entities in xmlParseReference (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix memory leak in xmlSchemaValidateStream (Zhipeng Xie), Fix xmlSchemaGetCanonValue
    formatting for date and dateTime (Kevin Puetz), Fix memory leak when
    shared libxml.dll is unloaded (Kevin Puetz), Fix
    potentially-uninitialized critical section in Win32 DLL builds (Kevin
    Puetz), Fix integer overflow in xmlBufferResize (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Check for overflow when allocating two-dimensional arrays (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Remove useless comparisons (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix overflow
    check in xmlNodeDump (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix infinite loop in xmlStringLenDecodeEntities (Zhipeng Xie), Fix freeing of nested
    documents (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix more memory leaks in error paths of
    XPath parser (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix memory leaks of encoding handlers
    in xmlsave.c (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix xml2-config error code (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Fix memory leak in error path of XPath expr parser (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix overflow handling in xmlBufBackToBuffer (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Null pointer handling in catalog.c (raniervf),
    xml2-config.in: fix regressions introduced by commit 2f2bf4b2c
    (Dmitry V. Levin)
    - Improvements:
    Store per-element parser state in a struct (Nick Wellnhofer),
    update for xsd:language type check (PaulHiggs),
    Update INSTALL.libxml2 (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix include order in c14n.h (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix duplicate xmlStrEqual calls in htmlParseEndTag (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Speed up htmlCheckAutoClose (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Speed up htmlTagLookup (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Stop checking attributes for UTF-8 validity (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Reduce some fuzzer timeouts (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Only run a few CI tests unless scheduled (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Improve fuzzer stability (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Check for feature flags in fuzzer tests (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Another attempt at improving fuzzer stability (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Revert "Improve HTML fuzzer stability" (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Add charset names to fuzzing dictionaries (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Improve HTML fuzzer stability (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Add CI for MSVC x86 (Markus Rickert),
    Add a flag to not output anything when xmllint succeeded (hhb),
    Speed up HTML fuzzer (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Remove unused encoding parameter of HTML output functions (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Handle malloc failures in fuzzing code (Nick Wellnhofer),
    add test coverage for incorrectly-closed comments (Mike Dalessio),
    Enforce maximum length of fuzz input (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Remove temporary members from struct _xmlXPathContext (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Build the Python extension with PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN (Victor
    Stinner), Add CI test for Python 3 (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Add fuzzing dictionaries to EXTRA_DIST (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Add 'fuzz' subdirectory to DIST_SUBDIRS (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Allow port numbers up to INT_MAX (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Handle dumps of corrupted documents more gracefully (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Limit size of free lists in XML reader when fuzzing (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Hardcode maximum XPath recursion depth (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Pass URL of main entity in XML fuzzer (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Consolidate seed corpus generation (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Test fuzz targets with dummy driver (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix regression introduced with commit d88df4b (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix regression introduced with commit 74dcc10b (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Add TODO comment in xinclude.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Stop using maxParserDepth in xpath.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Remove dead code in xinclude.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Don't add formatting newlines to XInclude nodes (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Don't use SAX1 if all element handlers are NULL (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Remove unneeded progress checks in HTML parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Use strcmp when fuzzing (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix XPath fuzzer (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fuzz XInclude engine (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Add XPath and XPointer fuzzer (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Update fuzzing code (Nick Wellnhofer),
    More *NodeDumpOutput fixes (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix *NodeDumpOutput functions (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Make xmlNodeDumpOutputInternal non-recursive (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Make xhtmlNodeDumpOutput non-recursive (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Make htmlNodeDumpFormatOutput non-recursive (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix .gitattributes (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Rework control flow in htmlCurrentChar (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Make 'xmllint --html --push -' read from stdin (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Remove misleading comments in xpath.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Update to Devhelp index file format version 2 (Andre Klapper),
    Set project language to C (Markus Rickert),
    Add variable for working directory of XML Conformance Test Suite
    (Markus Rickert), Add additional tests and XML Conformance Test Suite
    (Markus Rickert), Add command line option for temp directory in runtest
    (Markus Rickert), Ensure LF line endings for test files (Markus
    Rickert), Enable runtests and testThreads (Markus Rickert),
    Limit regexp nesting depth (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix return values and documentation in encoding.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Add regexp regression tests (David Kilzer),
    Report error for invalid regexp quantifiers (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fix rebuilding docs, by hiding __attribute__((...)) behind a macro.
    (Martin Vidner), Copy xs:duration parser from libexslt (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Fuzz target for XML Schemas (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Move entity recorder to fuzz.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Fuzz target for HTML parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Update GitLab CI container (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Add options file for xml fuzzer (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Add a couple of libFuzzer targets (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Guard new calls to xmlValidatePopElement in xml_reader.c (Daniel
    Cheng), Add LIBXML_VALID_ENABLED to xmlreader (Łukasz Wojniłowicz),
    Fix typos (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Disable LeakSanitizer (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Stop calling SAX getEntity handler from XMLReader (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Add test case for recursive external parsed entities (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Enable error tests with entity substitution (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Don't load external entity from xmlSAX2GetEntity (Nick Wellnhofer), Merge code paths loading external entities (Nick
    Wellnhofer), Copy some XMLReader option flags to parser context (Nick Wellnhofer), Add xmlPopOutputCallbacks (Nick Wellnhofer),
    Updated Python test reader2.py (Pieter van Oostrum),
    Updated python/tests/tstLastError.py (Pieter van Oostrum),
    Use random seed in xmlDictComputeFastKey (Ranier Vilela),
    Enable more undefined behavior sanitizers (Nick Wellnhofer)


    The port consists of the usual two packages that have been produced
    using djdev205 (CVS repository code) and can be downloaded from
    ftp.delorie.com and mirrors as (time stamp 2022-05-07):

    Libxml2 2.9.14 headers, library and html format documentation:

    Libxml2 2.9.14 source:

    Send Libxml2 specific bug reports to
    Send suggestions and bug reports concerning the DJGPP port
    to comp.os.msdos.djgpp or <djgpp@delorie.com>.


    Guerrero, Juan Manuel <juan.guerrero@igd.fhg.de>

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