• DJGPP and Windows 10 32 bit

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    Op 1-2-2020 om 22:22 schreef Andris Pavenis (andris.pavenis@iki.fi) [via djgpp@delorie.com]:
    Has anybody else tried to use DJGPP on Windows 10 32 bit in some last

    Version 1803 (if I remember correctly) broke it for me: nested DJGPP
    programs no more worked, so one cannot run for example GCC

    I had same problem with fast ring insider builds after that up to now. Attempt to submit feedback (twice) did not lead to any results.

    Now that situation has changed from bad to worse in last insider build I installed today (19555.rs-prerelesae_200127_0900): with that version an attempt to execute any DJGPP program causes Windows itself to crash and reboot. It could of course be problem with this insider build and to
    improve later but I am not very optimistic. I suspect that it could be
    last step before removing DPMI support from NTVDM completely or even to remove entire NTVDM.

    Has anybody tried with release versions of Windows 10 32 bit?



    I tried it recently. DJGPP is not working on Windows 10 Pro 1909 32 bit.
    DJGPP worked in early versions of Windows 10 32 bit, but indeed after a
    certain version it stopped to work. I tried DJGPP 2.03 and 2.05.

    Also on the latest Windows 8.1 32 bit DJGPP is not working any more.

    DJGPP on Windows 7 32 bit still works.


    Erwin Waterlander

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