• ANNOUNCE: Release 2 of the DJGPP port of Lynx 2.9.0dev.10 uploaded.

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    This is a port of Lynx 2.9.0dev.10 to MSDOS/DJGPP.

    Lynx is a fully-featured World Wide Web (WWW) client for users running
    cursor-addressable, character-cell display devices such as vt100 terminals
    and vt100 emulators running on character-cell display. It will display
    Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) documents containing links to files on the
    local system, as well as files on remote systems running http, gopher, ftp,
    wais, nntp, finger, or cso/ph/qi servers, and services accessible via logins
    to telnet, tn3270 or rlogin accounts.

    DJGPP specific changes.
    This port is based on the current develop code of lynx (aka lynx2.9.0dev.10)
    available as:

    This second release fixes a bug in the code to locate the lynx.lss file when
    it is not located in its canonical place but in the installation directory
    of lynx.exe.

    The binary package now also contains the noise063a2.zip file. The original
    seems no longer to be available. If it will ever return is unclear and I
    have not found the file any where else.

    I have also changed the names from these archive files so they match again
    the 8.3 file name convention on plain DOS.

    No other changes have been done to the sources. For more information about
    this port read the previous announcement.

    Because the previous port must be considered as broken, I have deleted it
    from the server and replaced it by this one.

    The port consists of the usual three packages that have been produced using
    djdev205 (CVS repository code) and can be downloaded from ftp.delorie.com
    and mirrors as (time stamp 2021-11-30):

    Lynx 2.9.0dev.10 binary, scripts and man format documentation:

    Lynx 2.9.0dev.10 html format documentation and sample files:

    Lynx 2.9.0dev.10 source:

    Send Lynx specific bug reports to <lynx-dev@nongnu.org>.
    Send suggestions and bug reports concerning the DJGPP port to
    comp.os.msdos.djgpp or <djgpp@delorie.com>.


    Guerrero, Juan Manuel <juan.guerrero@gmx.de>

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